The beauty of bombed-out Britain

The Telegraph - 1st August 2015

As a boy, Colin O'Brien photgraphed the London streets from the seventh floor of his flat..

London Life: photos of a beautiful, bombed-out Britain

The Telegraph - 1st August 2015

As a boy, Colin O'Brien fell in love with photography while shooting the streets from the seventh fl..

International Garden Photographer of the Year 2015

The Telegraph - 1st August 2015

In pics: The world?s premier competition specialising in botanical photography..

PICKS: Travis Jeppesen on “Fassbinder Now” at KunstWerke, MartinGropiusBau, Cinema Arsenal, Berlin - 31st July 2015

Alex Farquharson appointed new Tate Britain Director

The Telegraph - 29th July 2015

The founding director of Nottingham Contemporary will take over from Penelope Curtis..

How painting Saddam's former prison has changed the lives of Syria's refugee girls

The Telegraph - 31st July 2015

In Saddam Hussein's former Iraqi prison now sits a Syrian refugee camp nicknamed 'the castle'. Once ..

PICKS: Cathryn Drake on Paul McCarthy and Georg Baselitz at The George Economou Collection, Athens - 31st July 2015

Legislation to Protect New York Art Authenticators Passes Senate

Maine Antique Digest - 31st July 2015

“Art authenticators are critical to preventing art forgery and fraud. However, very expensive law..

NEWS: College Art Association Director Retires - 31st July 2015


Art Review: A Confusing Look at Folk Art and American Modernism

The New York Times - 30th July 2015

This exhibition at the American Folk Art Museum pairs folk art with some Modernist works, with uneve..

LAPADA Public Talk

Wellington: The Man of the Hour and the Taste of the Times

Jonathan Voak (Atelier Ltd), former Head of Apsley House, the Wellington Museum, will discuss the Duke of Wellington's impressive art collection, giving a picture of the Duke's taste and touching upon the gifts bestowed upon the hero of Waterloo as well as the significant acquisitions that he himself made.

The discussion will place Wellington in the context of Georgian society, with dealer Timothy Langston extending the application of Georgian taste to furniture. Popular items of furniture of the period will be explored, together with tips for incorporating these elegant pieces into today's interiors.

LAPADA Talks are free to fair ticket holders and are available on a first come, first served basis. To ensure a place, please email in advance.

Olympia International Art & Antiques Fair
The Club Room
Tuesday 23rd June, 12 - 1pm

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